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by the united states they ran china russia the u.k. france germany and the european union did it eight hundred iran's nuclear nonproliferation in exchange for the easing of economic sanctions around agreed to restrictions that were supposed to make it impossible for it to produce a bomb as well as regular inspections that would control tehran's compliance president trump has been a consistent critic of the deal he said that it does not benefit the u.s. and that it allows around to continue producing nuclear weapons secretly he reimposed all the sanctions that were lifted in twenty fifteen and added that america does not make empty threats. our cafe is director of gnosis british think tank that focuses on the crises in syria and the middle east very good evening to you so we've heard donald trump's announcement he was scathing of iran and their actions in the middle east he was scathing of how and basically incompetent that previous deal was
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a question is what happens next do you think. well overall we think that the will is in the european court and should the europeans follow suit or be forced to follow suit then we have a total breakdown of the agreement and iran would most probably pursue. development of its all resumption of its nuclear program so in other words this could easily lead to a new a proliferation of nuclear arms in the region. if the europeans however manage somehow to tell the iranians look we could absorb this this may mean a little restrictions here but we're going to compensate that a little bit on another front and try to salvage the situation then probably it would hold and you know everybody could with of this storm. united states
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of. those they go out on a limb but if you put them in israel on one side they're opposed to russia china several e.u. members say we're quite happy with the existing deal why would the united states and israel pick themselves against those countries. who first of all there is the long term strategic retreat of the united states in the region that is caused by a somewhat you know not complete alliance between iran and russia but there is a lot of cooperation that is making progress russia is making a lot of progress in the middle east in terms of influence and it's siding with iran at least in terms of what is happening in syria id supporting that e.g. to make government. this is having an effect on long term american allies like turkey for example i think turkey is the most shining example whereby turkey says ok i'm going to deal with this new situation and that's cool great with russia and
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iran to preserve our interests our long term allies of the united states in the middle east are feeling nervous you know why is iran being allowed. in or to spread its inflows. whilst we we should be the ones who are doing exactly the you know this or enjoying the influence we're we are siding with the united states the biggest superpower and so on so in the long term. the united states view is that keeping iran weak could make it in this reliable ally perhaps to russia and then this friends with distrust of this cooperation on the israel side israel we think is looking. for citing some purity and build up in syria and they're saying a confrontation with iran now is much better than a confrontation with iran tomorrow or the day after tomorrow and when we say iran we actually meet iran syria is ramazan and so forth. see the syrian state regaining
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confidence regaining territory regaining legitimacy all across the syrian people and so on and they don't want that to continue at the pace it's going at the moment and so they might want to say ok let's directly intervene i mean they've been supporting militias and al qaeda. affiliated groups for since the very beginning really arming them treating their injured in their hospitals funding them intelligence you know getting out the syrian army whenever he was trying or it was trying to confront them and so on and so forth helping them all soldiers but now they are sending signals that we are willing to directly confront these people so for israel this is probably now. or never for the united states it's part of a long term trying you know plan to try to stop their strategic retreat in the east ok so just to be very specific on this because donald trump made this all about the
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nuclear threat nuclear threat that iran he says is on the verge of posing that it would spark an arms race in the middle east is this really in your opinion about iran getting a nuclear weapon or is it about hurting them financially in stopping them growing militarily but in a non-nuclear way. the united states was never really happy about. the deal with iran i remember that i attended in chatham house a few years back when the iran deal was imminent the g c p p o a was imminent. you know somebody came from the united states is responsible for sanctions and who's letting us know very clearly that whatever happens this doesn't mean that the sanctions were about to be lifted and indeed the united states eventually did not lift sanctions they get all part of them in order to keep iran in check. but the
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obama administration had this understanding and i think positive understanding that should we engage with iran positively and at the same time keep them under check that would reduce the possibility of them going to the broker just like north korea in the american opinion now donald trump if you could aren't you actually that is not setting a very good example to the north koreans when you know secretary pompei of just about to head there and start negotiations you know we can make a deal signed it and then the next president didn't come and strike it off but this is definitely about keeping. check keeping iran under check they're not happy with whatever progress made the europeans by the way are the biggest to lose we understand that they have a lot of stake in india around the world street journal today published a very detailed article about this state that like to tell they were trying to
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develop or they have an agreement to develop an offshore gas field and india iran that they have a big stake in it airbus a twenty billion dollar deal to to provide one hundred airplanes in the airplanes to run that's going to go up the air and you know renault is going to manufacture particular french actually a lot of stake you know to lose. so how are they going to deal with it are they going to play around it. and say ok look iranians we're going to. weather the storm together we still believe in this agreement please do not go back to developing your program or resume resuming your program and we'll compensate somehow i think now iran is in a very big negotiating or very good negotiating position to tell you look i'm not either happy with this can be with this agreement can we improve it somehow and and tell the americans to do whatever they want each octet about the e.u.
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companies they've got a big financial stake now in iran those those deals really could be threatened they could be totally destroyed the fact that we saw leaders rather fervently trying to persuade donald trump not to do what he has in fact gone and done and cancel u.s. participation in the deal. does that mean that donald trump is now maybe not burn bridges but it is he damaged his relations quite seriously with some e.u. countries the likes of france u.k. germany. well practically speaking the comic exchange and the you know make relation konami relationships between europe and the united states are much much much larger than this and more strategic but at the end of the day. you know this is not going to go down well total for example according again citing the wall street journal. article that apparently they tried they
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anticipated something like this and they tried for example not to use american software or let their american employees directly deal with this so they would be directly affected with any sort of sanctions obviously they could be forced by the americans to get out and then they might be looking for alternatives and so on but this is again telling all these. all these big companies that they're not really independent they perceive. deals based on green lights from their respective governments to tell for example or france or the royal dutch shell for example the netherlands and so on they have to wait for a green light from the united states so i'm sure there is going to be a lot of resentment and this might set a precedent whereby such companies might say ok we'll what are we going to do with this they might put pressure on their own governments and their own partisans to
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you know guard their own interests you know how can you. not find a way to mitigate this problem that we're having we're losing we're not going to be paying as much taxes as on the civil so this is a big problem we'll see how this really is we think that when president visited goals from the few expect a couple of weeks back a deal sounds at a lot of seemingly harmony between the two merkel did the same german chancellor and so on they tried to persuade him and dissuade him from you know abolishing this deal. rather they were able to get some compensation or some. need for really no deal that would. develop their economies elsewhere or these companies that are specifically for example going to be by such frank sanctions are going to get some opportunity in the united states we don't know but it's highly unlikely knowing how trump thinks. so we'll see but again. china is heavily
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involved with iran russia is heavily involved in the iran we're thinking economics now or potentially involved with iran how they're going to react and you know what does it mean in terms of new cases or sorry the the the world superpowers joining together and discussing matters of high importance of everybody and making agree. with the united states you know the biggest economy in the world or so. you know feeling this doesn't send the right mrs was across the table. from are pretty sure your thoughts and your time are cafes my guess director of the british think tank goodness. now maybe we shouldn't be surprised on trump is going to put america first he seems to have done another nice occasion but his decision to scrap the around deal has raised concern across europe let's go to our correspondent in berlin people all over. might be america first is it your last what's the reaction
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been from european officials peter well short and to the point has been the reaction coming out of europe federica mockery any whose the european union's high representative for foreign affairs she gave a short press statement just after donald trump it wrapped up in washington she said that the european union reserves the right to act in its own security interests he she also issued a series of of direct very quotable messages she said that as long as the run continues to comply with what was laid out in the deal the european union will continue to support it we can listen to a little bit of more of what ms merkel rainy have to say right now. the european union will remain committed to the continue it all and effective implementation of the nuclear deal. with fully trust the work the competence and the autonomy of the
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international atomic energy agency that has published ten reports certifying that iran has fully complied with its commitments. well if there were any questions over the commitment that federica mockery expressed on behalf of the european union in rome there she went on to say speaking directly to the people and government of iran saying do not let anyone dismantle this agreement saying that we will preserve this deal so certainly no backing down from ms marker raney and from the european union side they're also in the direct aftermath if you will of donald trump saying that the u.s. would pull out of the iran deal we saw a tweet fired out by emmanuel mccann the french president saying that france germany and the united kingdom deeply regretted the united states and the united states is decision but now what we have is a lot of questions turning back to the u.s. europe is saying we're going to stick to this deal that as it was agreed no matter
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what the united states says well if we listen to what donald trump have to say in his statement there was a direct threat there to anyone that would as he put it help the a rainy and nuclear ambitions now we all have to look at what constitutes help in donald trump's world and whether statements from federica mockery and from the rest of the e.u. saying that they will preserve the deal whether that constitutes help would that mean sanctions against berlin where i am paris or the oil in the united kingdom have to wait to see that would of course be the real nuclear option when it came to sanctions probably from the u.s. side but the word coming out of europe at the moment is do whatever you want in washington. we're sticking to the deal that was struck and cause fascinating twists to this story many things people over there in berlin bring is the european reaction so if you just joined is this evening donald trump has announced his
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decision on the iran nuclear deal the united states as expected is leaving the agreement let's go stateside now a correspondent in new york caleb moore put in. explain his reasons why he doesn't like the deal even referenced netanyahu and his power point presentation from just a few days ago take us through the key points of this announcement. well throughout his presidential campaign donald trump referred to the j c.p.o. a the nuclear conclusion of the people plus one talks he referred to the nuclear deal as a bad deal and said he intended to quote rip it up now that was on the campaign trail and donald trump has been in office for well over a year and it appears as he spoke to the press and to the world he just addressed the world it appears he has fulfilled his promise you says the usa is withdrawing from the iran deal and it is really in housing nuclear related sanctions on iran
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the highest level of sanctions this is donald trump speaking from the white house. as the middle east i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw from the iran's nuclear deal in a few moments i will sign a presidential memorandum to begin reinstating u.s. nuclear sanctions on the uranium regime. now it's important to note as donald trump made his remarks he accused iran of having killed and tortured americans you referred to the country as a state sponsor of terrorism and he referred to there sent us what he called their sinister activities in syria now it is important to note that iran's revolutionary guards have been on the battlefield in syria and have actually been key in some of the anti terror operations that ultimately drove the ice still terrorists from the country now from there it you know donald trump he made reference to the iranian people and he talked about their ongoing suffering which he blamed on the iranian
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government however it's important to note that by re-imposing the sanctions on iran these iranian people that have been suffering are inevitably going to suffer more as their ability to do business and trade on the international market their ability to import important vital vital international products that's going to be restricted now interestingly we have also heard from the iranian president rouhani now rouhani it's important to note that his presidency has largely been based on the possibility of these negotiations he ran for president on the platform that he would negotiate with the united states and he calles the signing of the deal and the joint comprehensive plan of action as being one of his greatest achievements now rouhani in the lead up to trump's announcement said that iran was not afraid and that iran would not have a devastating reaction this is what he said in the lead up to trump's announcement . if the dude is guaranteed by none americans the u.s.
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is with drool would be ok a program that's always cools trouble would be removed from the do you know if all of what we have in mind is not true field we have our own. legal and logical sean. ok reporting live from new york our correspondent caleb maupin that thank you and thanks indeed see all of you guys at home for staying with r.t. to national this evening it's been a big announcement coming from the white house will bring you all the fallout reaction in the next few minutes after this short break. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education is being supplanted by the right to access to education low it's high education is becoming just another product that can be bought and sold but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business and what you're good at regime look good it's also kind of the fairly
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good image. want is the place of students in this business model before college i was born now and i'm extremely more higher education the new global economic war.
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i did stage will withdraw from the iran's nuclear deal. it's a no from donald trump a sea announces the united states is now out the iranian nuclear deal previously reached by numerous countries following the use of tools. and while france germany and the u.k. regret trumps decision to withdraw from the deal the e.u. says that it remains committed to the agreement because it works. very good if you two ten pm here in the russian capital my name is neil harvey this
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is on t. international where we start this hour with breaking news because starting from house is expected to announce its decision on the iran nuclear deal saying that the u.s. is leaving the agreement let's go to new york caleb maupin has been following events for his stateside. delivering what have been on to see page he was particularly scathing though in the way delivered it takes us through the salient points. well throughout his presidential campaign donald trump criticized the jay c.p.o. way the result of the p five plus one nuclear talks the nuclear conclusion and agreement with iran now he criticized that he called it a bad deal and he ultimately intended he said to rip it up from the white house now been in office well over a year and it looks like based on what we just heard from the white house that donald trump has fulfilled his campaign promise and he has withdrawn the united states from the nuclear deal he says he is imposing the highest level of sanctions on iran all of the nuclear related sanctions that were lifted when the deal was
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signed are now are now reimpose that this is donald trump speaking to the world about the nuclear deal. i am announcing today that the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal in a few moments i will sign a presidential memorandum to begin reinstating u.s. nuclear sanctions on the uranian regime. now it's important to note as donald trump was speaking he tried to make a case to essentially justify what he was doing he accused iran of killing and torturing americans he said that iran has no limits on what he called its sinister activities in syria now it's important to note that in syria iran's revolutionary guards of the islamic revolutionary guard corps have actually been key in some of the anti terror operation that have led to the defeat of i still in driving i still
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from the country now your fur to the deal is poorly negotiated and he said that it was important to withdraw because he feared there could be what he called a nuclear arms race in the middle east now at this point we know the only middle eastern country that actually possesses nuclear weapons is israel now from there he went to refer to iran as a ballistic missile program this is iran self defense missile program which they say is to deter an attack from israel the united states he argued that these ballistic missiles that iran has could potentially hold a nuclear weapon now it's important to note that in the lead up to today's announcement the iranian president rouhani was very outspoken rouhani is entire presidency has been a largely based on his willingness to negotiate with the united states he criticized his predecessor did his job and said that he was willing to negotiate a deal with the united states regarding the nuclear issue now in the lead up to trump's announcement withdrawing from the deal this is what president rouhani the iranian president had to say. oh me if the dude is guaranteed by none americans the
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u.s. is with drool would be ok a problem that's always cools trouble would be removed from the do and if all of what we have in mind is not true field we have our own. room legal and logical sean . now from there we've heard rouhani say now that the usa withdrawing from the nuclear deal is an important experience for iran but we're waiting for a broader international reaction we know that many countries around the world many european union countries many you know russia china many countries really supported keeping this nuclear deal intact which donald trump has not done now we know that benjamin netanyahu the israeli prime minister was calling for donald trump to withdraw from the deal now at this point we also want to make clear that it's interesting that in his remarks donald trump did refer to his upcoming meeting with kim jong un so it seems like when it comes to north korea donald trump is willing
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to negotiate with a country that actually possesses nuclear weapons and has withdrawn from the nuclear nonproliferation treaty now in his remarks donald trump referred to the suffering of the iranian people the long suffering of rainy and people and he said this and referred to their suffering which he blamed on the government at the same time that he is now imposing a high level of sanctions which will inevitably impact the lives of the iranian people their economy will be impacted by the fact they won't be able to trade on the international market like they'd once we did they won't be able to import certain key products of these sanctions imposed by iran will impact and result in a lot of suffering for the iranian people who donald trump invoked and spoke on behalf of and blame the government for their suffering so at this point we're still waiting for a broader international reaction but it appears that donald trump has fulfilled his campaign promise and withdrawn from the nuclear deal put in force from new york so he's thank you. note about international reaction let's take
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a look at the european reaction has been no billing correspondents pizza is on the line for us to give the impression that a few european leaders are slightly disparate in this on a monument krone been on the phone with just the earlier in the day pleading with him not to do what he has in front done trying to stop the inevitable in general though what's the e.u. response. well yes in the lead up to this since you mentioned that we saw a manual micron angular merkel both having face to face meetings with donald trump trying to convince them as part of those talks not to pull out of this deal also boris johnson the u.k. foreign secretary he was sent over he didn't get the meeting with trump he went on his own his favorite t.v. show to try and put his ideas across to the president saying no don't pull out of this deal but it does seem to all that has been for naught following the announcement by donald trump almost immediately there was a tweet sent out by emanuel mark on the french president saying that france germany
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and the united kingdom all deeply regretted the decision by the united states and by donald trump to pull out of the iranian nuclear deal now we also saw the european the e.u. high representative for foreign affairs federica mockery she sees as close as the e.u. has to a foreign minister herself she was on stage in rome speaking to journalists there and she said that it's well the e.u. reserved its right to act in its own security interest she said still fully supported the a rainy and deal and i also wanted to make that clear to the people of iran that nobody should be allowed to try and dismantle this deal. the european union will remain committed to continue it all and effective implementation of the nuclear deal. we fully trust the work the competence and yet
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tanami of the international atomic energy agency that has published ten reports certifying that iran has fully complied with its commitments. both was a short statement from ms mark or any but it certainly pulled no punches whatsoever the gist of it was that as long as a run continues to comply with the deal as was then the e.u. will stick to their terms of that deal now we have to look at what donald trump said in the white house earlier on he said that anybody who in his words helped the rainy and nuclear ambitions well they would face sanctions themselves so we could well be in a position and this would be well very far down the track where the united states could well be looking to put sanctions on say in paris or london all companies invest in those in those countries that are doing business with iran we've heard about big deals that have been struck between air bus and iran also totality the
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natural resource giant and iran so we'll be looking to see what type of reaction if the e.u. continues as it says it will do in continue its business is normal without the u.s. what the reaction is going to be from the united states now we've also heard just in the moments before i came on to talk to you a short bit from tara ron where they have said that in the future they will be continuing to negotiate with china russia the european union they will continue as normal from the arabian side just without the united states being a part of it so the attention turns back to washington and what will the reaction be from donald trump and others in his administration if this isn't greeted with a similar pullback from europe after donald trump has taken the united states out of the iran deal it seems no love from. i'm europe for the u.s. decision our correspondent peter oliver in berlin thank you very much let's get
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reaction now from sami ramadani is a middle east expert who joins me live on the line good evening to you sami so that in terms announcement was was pretty scathing the nub of it is the u.s. are out so many moving parts so many interested parties in this nuclear deal what happens next. well one listens carefully to what was. really who was not only in withdraw from this multilateral and national unity laterally and scrapping it but is also actually threatening regime change in iran and this is perhaps in the short medium and long term is the much more of danger as. yours policy is to be followed i think the united states is heading.


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